coin-back-isolatedCollect your Prize!

Yes! You’ve finally found all 25 caches in the Linn Parks Challenge! You’re sweaty and tired and feeling very accomplished. Bring your completed passport to Wickiup Hill during regular business hours and turn it in for your reward – a special Geocoin*. (One Geocoin per household.) The Geocoin for the Linn Parks Challenge features native Iowa species: a big burr oak tree, a red fox squirrel (the original cache king), a great-horned owl, a hognose snake, ornate box turtle, monarch, and purple coneflower. The Conservation Department believes that these species serve as mascots for the natural places in Linn County, Iowa. The stewardship, protection and celebration of these natural places is part of our mission. The Linn County Parks Challenge Geocoin is trackable which means that it has a unique code that can be used to log its movements on So you can either keep it in your treasure box at home (we would hardly blame you) or you can send it out into the geocaching world on an adventure.


*Coins will arrive in July. If you complete the challenge before they are available, the staff at Wickiup Hill will record your name and address so the coin can be mailed to you