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For this geocaching challenge you get to visit 25 different locations in Linn County, Iowa. Discover wildlife areas, trek through the woods, and stretch your legs on a trail. The great part about this challenge is that by the end you’ll know where tons of cool places are to hike, bike, camp and explore. There are so many great public places that are just a short drive away!



You can search for each cache by location or by typing in the GC code.

Inside each of the cache containers is a logbook for you to record your name and a brass plate with that cache’s secret word. Print this Linn Parks Challenge Passport so you have a full list of the locations and so your family can record the secret word at each cache.

It’s real nature out there! You might want to wear pants, bring sunscreen and bug spray, and pack water. Maybe you could even bring a picnic lunch! All that hiking will probably make you hungry.