To participate in the Linn Parks Challenge you will need:

1. A Smart Phone (or handheld GPS unit)
2. Download the
Geocaching App
3. A Basic Membership Account with Geocaching.com
4. The Linn Parks Challenge Printable Passport
5. A Sense of Adventure




About Geocaching

Geocaching started in May of 2000 near Portland, Oregon and until recently required that you own a GPS unit to participate. Now you can just download an app onto your smart phone and you’re in the game!

There are several geocaching apps/websites, but we recommend using www.geocaching.com and its app available through Groundspeak Inc. This website has grown up alongside the geocaching movement and is recognized as the best website for geocachers. The free app called “Geocaching Intro” is a good place to start. The paid app ($9.99) offers additional features and a more comprehensive map view and is great once you know you like geocaching. You just need the basic membership for the Linn Parks Challenge – which is free.

About the Caches

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[fruitful_tab title=”Cedar Rapids”]

Cedar Rapids Park Challenge

Location Address for Access Directions
Rock Island Botanical Preserve Preserve Way Cedar Rapids 52411 Take 42nd Street west from I-380 just past Xavier High School turn north on Preserve Way.


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Center Point Park Challenges

Location Address for Access Directions
Goose Pond Natural Area Lewis Bottoms Road 52213 Take Lewis Access Road south to Center Point.
North Cedar Natural Area Cedar Heights Trail 52213 Take Lewis Access Road south Center Point. Turn southeast onto Cedar Heights Trail.
Center Point Historic Depot 700 E. Washington Street 52213 Just off Center Point main thoroughfare. Turn East on E. Washington Street.


[fruitful_tab title=”Central City”]

Central City Park Challenges

Location Address for Access Directions
Pinicon Ridge Park Valley Farm Road 52214 Take Hwy 13 north from Marion. At Central City there are two roads into the park. Take the left onto Valley Farm Road (for the campground side of the park)
Wakpicada Natural Area Central City 52214 Take Central City Road east out of town past the fairgrounds. Take Wakpicada Trail (turns into Rustic Drive) into the area.
Harold & Ruth Rehrauer Natural Area Red Bridge Road 52214 Take Hwy. 13 north from Central City. Take a right onto Heatons Valley Road a left onto Whitney Road & a left onto Red Bridge Road.
Matsell Bridge Natural Area Parking Access: Corner of Finn Road and Hart Road 52214 From the community of Waubeek go north on Boy Scouts Road. Turn east onto X20 and north onto Wapsi Banks Road. Go Southeast on Buffalo Ridge Road and turn south onto Finn Road.

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Coggon Park Challenges


Location Address for Access Directions
Buffalo Creek Park Highway D62 West 52218 Located just west of Coggon on County Road D62.
Troy Mills River Access 3142-3196 County Highway D62 52218 From the community of Troy Mills head east  on Coggon Road/D62.


[fruitful_tab title=”Ely”]

Ely Park Challenges

Location Address for Access Directions
Eastern Iowa Observatory & Learning Center 1365 Ivanhoe Rd 52227 Southeast of Cedar Rapids. Take Hwy 30 east. Take Ivanhoe Road South.
Palisades-Dows Preserve 1365 Ivanhoe Rd 52227 Parking is the same for the Eastern Iowa Observatory & Learning Center. Southeast of Cedar Rapids. Take Hwy 30 east. Take Ivanhoe Road South.
Hoover Nature Trail Ely Road 52227 The closest parking lot is located in Ely on the corner of Highland and Hillcrest. Hillcrest is on the north side of Dows Street not far from the downtown.


[fruitful_tab title=”Hiawatha”]

Hiawatha Park Challenge

Location Address for Access Directions
Cedar Valley Nature Trail Trailhead at County Home Road The trailhead parking lot is located just on the south side of County Home Road where the Cedar Valley Nature Trail intersects. (Not far from I-380)


[fruitful_tab title=”Marion”]

Marion Park Challenge

Location Address for Access Directions
Squaw Creek Park Ski Lodge Road Marion 52302 Located on the east side of Cedar Rapids. Access is off Hwy 100 near the intersection of Hwy 100 & Hwy 13.


[fruitful_tab title=”Mt. Vernon”]

Mt. Vernon Park Challenges

Location Address for Access Directions
J. Harold Ennis Preserve Cedar River Road 52314 Called “Ennis County Park” in Google Maps. From Cedar Rapids take Hwy 30 east exit south onto Cedar River Road.
South Cedar Natural Area County Park Lane 52314 From Cedar Rapids take Hwy 30 east. Exit south onto Cedar River Road take a right onto Hwy 1 left onto Ivanhoe Road and a left onto Cedar Park Road.
Abbe Creek School Museum 877 W. Mt. Vernon Rd 52314 Located along the old Lincoln Highway (Mount Vernon Road) just NW of Mount Vernon near the intersection of Mount Vernon Road and Irish Lane.


[fruitful_tab title=”Palo”]

Palo Park Challenges

Location Address for Access Directions
Morgan Creek Park 7515 Worcester Rd 52324 On the west side of Cedar Rapids. Take F Avenue west then left on Stoney Point Road and a right onto Worcester Rd.
Palo Marsh Natural Area Palo Marsh Rd 52324 West of Cedar Rapids & north of Palo. Take Palo Marsh Rd north from the Blairsferry and 1st Street intersection. Parking is on the right.
Chain Lakes Natural Area Chain Bridge Road 52324 Just southeast of Palo. From Covington Road take Chain Bridge Road east into the park.


[fruitful_tab title=”Toddville”]

Toddville Park Challenges

Location Address for Access Directions
Wickiup Hill Learning Center 10260 Morris Hill Rd 52431 Northwest of Cedar Rapids. During 2014 summer construction it can more easily be accessed by taking I-380 north and exiting at Toddville.
Wickiup Hill Natural Area Wickiup Hill Rd 52341 A different access point than the Learning Center. Take I-380 North. Exit for Toddville. Take Toddville Rd west out of town. South on Feather Ridge Road. West on Wickiup Hill Rd. Parking lot is at the end of the road.

All county parks are op


[fruitful_tab title=”Walker”]

Walker Park Challenges

Location Address for Access Directions
Hitaga Sand Ridge Prairie Preserve Wapsie Ridge Drive 52352 Off the beaten path. Take Hwy 13 north out of Central City. Take Paris Rd West. Turn north on to Hitaga Rd. Right on Wapsie Ridge Road. Parking is on the left.


[fruitful_tab title=”Waubeek”]

Waubeek Park Challenges

Location Address for Access Directions
Jay G. Memorial Site Boy Scout Rd 52350 From the community of Waubeek go north on Boy Scout Rd. The park is on the right just past the river.


All county parks are open from sunrise to sunset.

About Linn County Conservation

The Linn County Conservation Department manages over 7,200 acres of parks, preserves, and natural areas, two historic sites, a nature center, over 26 miles of multi-use trails, five lodges, a canoe rental and campgrounds.  Find and explore these special places by doing the Linn Parks Challenge!

Linn County Conservation is proud to provide the public with outdoor opportunities. We think you should have a place to camp, a place to ride horses, to learn about the stars, to imagine the dynamic of a oneroom schoolhouse. We think you should be able to ride your bike through the countryside with your family, canoe the river, watch for migrating birds, photograph wildflowers, go for an adventure, breathe fresh air and find quiet moments outside.

Did you know there are great parks, preserves and historic sites within fifteen minutes of the Cedar Rapids metro? The Linn Parks Challenge is all about discovering the beautiful public parks and preserves that are right in your backyard. Make some memories outside this summer!
School is out for the summer and we know you are ready to stretch your legs. Geocaching is a great way to explore your local parks!

About the Cache Team

Linn County Conservation would like to extend a very special thanks to the fourteen experienced geocachers who made this challenge a reality. And, wow, do we mean experienced! They have logged successful finds for over 49,000 caches (and you thought 25 was a lot!) and have placed over 940 caches for others to find.

Geocaching is a passion for them and their on-the-ground knowledge of geocaching was incredibly valuable. For their ideas, technical assistance, bushwacking and continued support for the cache management we are so grateful.


Special Thanks to…

Teambecks (Dave Beck)
Tikibirds (Mike and Ren Brace)
JDLC1936 (Jim Clark)

SuperGoober (Jeff Goodson)
dazedandconfused (Frank and Marge Helsell)
The Weasel (Tim Stewart)

Cosmic Cachers (Art and Marcia Temple)
Team Ronton (Ron and Sue Tonneson)
Welch and CCWelch (Nathan and Corely Welch)