Download the App and print our our Linn Parks Challenge Passport and you’re all set! While not required, we do recommend the Official Geocaching App by Groundspeak Inc. After you download, sign up for a free basic account and you’re well on your way to becoming a Geocaching champion!





For this geocaching challenge you get to visit 25 different locations in Linn County, Iowa. Discover wildlife areas, trek through the woods, and stretch your legs on a trail. The great part about this challenge is that by the end you’ll know where tons of cool places are to hike, bike, camp and explore.





Yes! You’ve finally found all 25 caches in the Linn Parks Challenge! You’re sweaty and tired and feeling very accomplished. Bring your completed passport to Wickiup Hill during regular business hours and turn it in for your reward – a special Geocoin.  (One Geocoin per household.)



About the Challenge

Linn County Conservation wants you to know that there are great public parks right under your nose!  And we think geocaching is the best way to learn about them! We’ve worked with local experts to craft this special multi-cache challenge. It’s all about getting to know your local campgrounds, trails and parks. We’ve selected 25 different places for you to visit. At each location there is a container (cache) hidden. To find the containers you will need to navigate with GPS. It’s technology meets the great outdoors. It’s screen time meets fresh air. It’s the perfect something to do for people who want a destination, an adventure, or a mini road trip. Spend this summer doing the Linn Parks Challenge! 

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